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Tomo Club

Educational Games Redefined

Online platform for kids (9-14 years) to make friends and learn 21st century skills via social simulations & games.

Changing educational gaming into a fun and valuable experience

Gaming and simulations have the highest engagement and retention rates for teaching problem solving skills along with strong peer network.

Live Simulation

Learn from real time simulations, putting your child's decision making skills to the ultimate test!

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Learn essential life skills

Nurture skills that matter in the real world - via fun filled simulations devised on mental models!

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Meet new friends, continue the fun after hours on our discord channel, and social media handles !

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How do our sessions work?

Check out how our sessions work with one of our games called Electrified!⚑

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SEL Curriculum

❌ Unidirectional learning

❌ Delayed feedback

❌ Non-experiential Learning

❌ Subjective interpretation

❌ Outmoded teaching style

❌ Inconsistent results

❌ Not fun and engaging

Discussion/based Cohort

βœ” Peer to peer learning

βœ” Instant Feedback

❌ Non-experiential Learning

❌ Lower completion rate

❌ Low quality content

❌ Inconsistent

❌ Not fun and engaging

Simulation based Cohort

βœ” Peer to Peer learning

βœ” Instant Feedback

βœ” Experiential Learning

βœ” Higher completion rate

βœ” High quality content

βœ” Consistent

βœ” Fun and engaging

Testimonals πŸ”Š

"Who would've thought games could've been used in such a manner. Kudos to the team!"

- Jesse Baker

"Love the concept! The skills that my kid will pick up will do wonders for him."

- Alan Robinson

"The schooling system is soo outdated. Glad you guys came up with this idea."

- Kristen Hill

Our Simulation based games

Travel Mania

Race against time to reach the party after picking up all your friends who are stuck in different parts of the city.

Professor X

Design your superhero team to win the mission from a set of powers. Let the battle begin!

Be like Socrates

Explore the Socratic Method which uses questions to examine a person’s values, principles, and beliefs.


Channel your inner artist, design an object of your choice with the objective of getting the most $$.

Food- preneur

Step into the shoes of a food-preneur. Make a product which makes everyone go, "Miam!"

Meet our founders!

Founded by academics from top institutions who've worked at and scaled companies across various sectors. Their work at Leaf Wearables fetched them the prestigious XPRIZE Entrepreneurship award!

Manik Mehta

Avinash Bansal